Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflective Post:

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Introduction To Technology for Educators, when I first signed up for the class I must admit I had mixed feelings both scared and excitement. I was not quite sure how the class was going to be. I thought since it was an introduction class that it would be simple, but I was wrong. It actually was a challenge,especially if technology is not your thing. For this particular class I found out that you need time and patience. I’m not a fan of technology it scares me to be honest.This course was not what I imagined it to be. It was challenging especially for a beginner like myself. This course did make me explore different websites. Which where out of my confront zone.

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Through out the semester the class made me use skills that I didn’t know I possessed.Some of The skills included creativity,evaluating, and Critical thinking skills.The Online engagement with my classmates was fun for me. I got to communicate with them though our discussion posts and some of the collaborative work we had to accomplish.In The discussion posts i believe we learned from each-others out takes and perspectives. We got to discuss on each others posts to both help and give our opinion which was great to communicate with one another. collaboration work such as the wikispace and the lesson plan we did was a great way to learn how to communicate and work with one another via the internet. I will admit it was sometimes difficult because of our schedules but all in all fun. I loved how we did assignments based on the chapter we were in.The book transforming learning with new technologies was our base for our blog posts.With both the blog post and the book i learned about some tech tools that i will enjoy using in the future.Towards the end i enjoyed the class more because i started understanding the concepts and thanks to the class i learned about copyright laws and ethical and legal use of material such as images and videos and how to properly use them. Also i learned new ways to identify software that can be used in classrooms and technology that can help increase the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.
honestly am thankful I took this course the only thing i would change about this course is the projects we did towards the end i would try spreading them out because it seems that all the difficult assignments were left towards the end. This course helped me gain knowledge that i will use in future including courses and career, but i know in time all this will change and more and more technology and software will bloom,such as the video below shows.

Maloy, R., O’Loughlin, R., Edwards, S., & Woolf, B. (2013). Transforming Learning with New Technologies. 2nd Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson Education Inc.

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