Sunday, March 16, 2014

Journal post #8

Chapter 8:communicating and collaborating with social media

Focus question:
What is the best use of a classroom website or teaching blog and how can it improve learning for students?
The best use of a classroom website is that both parents and students know the activities that are being done in the classroom. The classroom website is where teachers information can be found, also the class website focuses on the students work it provides information such as dates of exams,homework assignments,and also schedules of school events.the class website also gives a student a way to post their work and explorer on a subject or topic.This can improve learning for students for example say that a student forgets the information on a homework assignment they can just look into the class website and get the information they need. students can also get prepared on time for a test or quiz because they can look for the upcoming dates on them. our online class is a good example of this because it has information on the course and professor it lets us see or assignments and we can post them on there too.

Connections & Possibilities :
Twitter for teachers
Twitter is a huge social media/ microblogging site. It is a great informative,interactive,and blogging site.Anyone can have one you can tweet your favorite celebrity and if your lucky get tweeted back.  teachers can follow other teachers so they can get updated with school information or anything related of the sort.Also hashtags and subject lookup can be a great way to see conversation or tweets on specific subjects.Twitter can be a great way to announce things to students or parents about class websites or blog add ons or any type of information.

summary and connections:
Chapter 8 discussed ways how teachers can communicate information and collaborate with students by social media.The social media discussed were class website or blogs also emailing,and text messaging.Chapter 8 also examined wikis as a collaboration learning stagey for students and teachers, it demonstrated how to create and use a teaching blog. My favorite is the classroom website. I think it is a good thing to use because parents can go and see what topic their child is learning and homework that is being assigned.My younger sisters have a classroom page so we can see if they have homework just in case they forget to mention anything.

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  1. Classroom websites are so important these days - they are a great vehicle for maintaining communication with both parents and students. You will be creating a 'hybrid' one for this class in a couple of weeks. :) All types of digital communication tools have their uses - just as face-to-face, but the real value for most is the asynchronous nature where we can post and respond to messages at our convenience instead of needing to have common time to communicate. Now we just need to 'tap' into them as needed. :)